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Looking at my previous post I felt the isBehindLine function served it's purpose, but if I get a more complicated problem similar to a raycasting test with imaginary ray of arbitrary width I would need to know more information where a Point is relevant to a Segment.

The "whereAboutSegment" function will return a String this time, with more detailed info of the Point's where-a-abouts instead of just knowing if its behind a line.

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After writing a function to test intersections of a line to a polygon, another problem came up where I needed
to test an intersection of a line to a curve. I'm sure there is a library someone has wrote that could do this but there is some fun in figuring out puzzles.
There was a recent comment about curves and intersections so I decided to go ahead an post what I attempted.
I feel using a loop is expensive, but it's all I can think of doing for this, similar to the lineIntersectPoly function.

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This Actionscript 3 function returns some properties that are about a line-to-polygon intersection.
It's useful for knowing all intersection points of a segment intersecting with a polygon, and knowing if the end points of the segment are inside the polygon.

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